Mian Nawaz Sharif monkeyshines

Has Mian Nawaz Sharif forgotten that the military he now dosparages is actully his creator? He took his political birth in its hatcheries. And it is the ISI whose man he originally was. He played its pawn in the IJI contrivance, whose principal character he was. Doesn`t he remember Mehrangate, the abominable scam of taking money from the agency, long pending in the apex court? And has he forgotten that his opponents still claim his heavy mandate in second stint power was the handiwork of “ghosts”?.

Will Mian Nawaz Sharif ever know or any of his obeisant toadies would ever venture telling him that his current discourse is obsolete, his idiom is obsolete and his prattle is just out of tune with the times? The conditions have changed; the people’s raging concerns have changed; their mood has changed; and what was so relevant to them until yesterday has become irrelevant to them today. Yet he stays stuck in the past, indeed so ignorantly that he is not even aware he now stands absolutely isolated from the mainstream and has no listener to his bunkum on the street. He may be cheering some hearts in that exclusive elite club of well-heeled, well-fed and well-served chattering classes. But the street is resoundingly listless to him. Over there, he veritably is now just a nonentity, a mere insignificance, a sheer skeleton of the past nobody taking even a nodding notice of. It is the media channels keeping him alive politically. But the masses he has lost for his disconnect with them and for his bloated haughtiness that has kept him from speaking out any feelingly the crowding woes mobbing the have-nots day in and day out. The cold shoulder he receives from the masses so pronouncedly on his forays around and away his Raiwind redoubt should tell him tellingly where he presently stands in the public estimation. Not even a respectable gathering can his acolytes muster up for his audience. What they herd up for his rallies is not even a patch on the crowds his political adversaries in the opposition camp draw for their sit-ins. Their crowds number in thousands; his rallies count for a measly few hundreds. Puffed up initially by some fondling media people who painted him larger than life, he mistook himself for a giant that he actually was not and took to behaving like an icon which in reality he is not. And now he is in a tumble, compounding his fall with one inanity after the other.He may be thinking with his brave talk of pulverizing the establishment and giving a push out to the status quo he is accumulating public kudos by heaps and mounds. Instead, he is getting countless marks from the public for rank opportunism. For, his track record is not famous for nation-building but so infamous for institutions’ ransacking. Verily, no builder has he been; a destroyer and a subverter he culpably has been. In his second stint, he could have employed his huge “heavy mandate”, even if engineered by “ghosts”, for all those “pious” tasks he now is so frantically calling for. He did not. He got embroiled in an unseemly brawl with the nation’s chief justice over an issue of suo moto judicial activism, of which he now poses to be such an enthusiast, invaded the reverential Supreme Court, engineered an abominable insurgency on the august judicial floors against the chief justice, and even toyed with the horrible idea of throwing him behind the bars if only for a night. He could have “purged” the ISI of all its political trappings. He didn’t. Rather he brought in as agency’s chief first a favourite mullah general of his and latterly another favourite general of his who he had in his mind to succeed Pervez Musharraf as army chief.Throughout, he remained overridingly obsessed with self-perpetuation and self-promotion, for which he threw legitimate individual right to promotion and posting out of the window to implant his own men on key positions in services and bureaucratic leviathan. Musharraf he brought in over the head of his senior general he deemed a potential threat to his throne. He even manipulated his heavy mandate to have as the country’s president someone who he thought a safe bet for his autocratic his rule. And all through, he stood swayed powerfully by a vaulting ambition to have himself anointed Ameerul Momneen, the country’s lifetime ruler, a law unto himself, with even his snort becoming a law of the land.     But, then, a democrat he was not then; and no democrat is he now. All his democratic professions are just pretences. Never has he felt obstructed in any manner by his much-touted Charter of Democracy that he shunts aside disdainfully when found inconvenient to his politics of power, just as he felt no qualms whatsoever in ditching his own APDM creature to jump into the electoral ring contrary to the grouping’s pledge not to participate in elections under the dictator. And he, too, runs his party as personal fiefdom, not as a democratic political institution. But the street has now no stomach at all for his politics of vendetta, revenge and confrontation. It wants the masses’ urgent needs to be addressed and the holes that the Abbottabad and Mehran sagas have exposed in the nation’s defence armour to be plugged off. Their land becoming a battlefield or hunting park of any political adventurist they want not at all.


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