Critically placed

President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani and Chief of Army Staff Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani had a constructive exhange of views with US Senator Johan Kerry on the situation arising from the Abbottabad Operation and the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani reiterated Pakistan ’s strong commitment and resolve to fight the menace of extremism and terrorism. He was talking to US Delegation led by Senator John F. Kerry, Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Committee who called on him at the PM’s House here on Monday.

US ranking Senator John Kerry descended on Islamabad from Kabul, saying relationship between Pakistan and the United States presently stands at a “critical moment”. But that is rather an inaccurate characterization. The more accurate description is that for this relationship Pakistan is now critically placed. It has been no strategic partnership at all. By every reckoning, it has been a virtual enslavement of Pakistan cunningly that has hurt it so damagingly that it will take years if not decades to recover. Just consider this. The sacked Tajik chief of Afghanistan’s spy agency, National Directorate of Security (NDS), Amrullah Saleh has boasted publicly they knew Osama was not in our tribal areas as they have infested the region deeply with an extensive spy network. Now all know the NDS has been just a subsidiary of America’s CIA, living and operating on American money. What Saleh’s brag then actually boils down to needs no rocket science to make out. It was the CIA that in reality had established this network, a fact confessed by it itself in these very times, albeit arrogantly. But far murkier things have happened in our tribal as well as settled areas horrendously, bringing out painfully how have our American “strategic partners” all through taken us for a ride and how abominably has their CIA acted a wolf in a sheep’s clothing on us. Recall Naek Mohammad. Whose man was that militant commander? Who had bankrolled him so richly that he raised a huge militia and who supplied so lavishly with lethal sophisticated weaponry to arm his brigands to such a tough fight to the Pakistan army as he did? And was he killed by an American drone strike after he agreed a peace accord with the Pakistan army? Isn’t it because he turned a rogue? And whose man was Baitullah Mehsud? Why was he let loose to keep sending terrorists and suicide bombers to kill our innocent civilians, and fatally assaulting our security targets and defence establishments, despite our agencies pointing out his locations and movements to “our strategic CIA partners”? Was he taken out too by CIA in drone attack as he too had turned its rogue?  And whose man is David Coleman Headley, notorious fishy character winning plea reprieves for sting errands of US agencies? America’s FBI claims it had tasked him to snitch on Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) terrorist outfit in Pakistan but he turned rogue. Convenient, isn’t it? He is in US custody for involvement in the Mumbai terrorist strike, accused of reconnoitering targets for LeT terrorists. But who footed his hefty bills as he stayed in plushy hotels of Mumbai and was a constant figure on its upscale cocktail circuit where he struck important friendships? And at whose behest has he deposed to the prosecutors, implicating ISI officials in the terrorist strike?Indeed, for this baneful relationship Pakistan is in a diplomatic soup as well. The Iranians are angry with it. They are sour it has let CIA use its Balochistan province to be the springboard of Jundullah, a terrorist outfit of Iranian dissidents which they say CIA has tasked to incite subversion and militancy in their Sistan-Balochistan province. The Chinese are unhappy with us that we have let the use of our tribal areas for Uighur dissidents, widely known to be CIA’s caboodle, for subversion in their Xinjiang province. And while our tribal region stands deeply softened up by CIA, in Balochistan novice Baloch youths have been bought by $10,000 per head plus more rewards subsequently for sabotage and subversion at the home turf and for tasked errands outside and in the neighbourhood.And as we are being regaled by little emperors of the US Empire of having eaten up their $20 billion in aid, we have on their account suffered something like $69 billion in losses on various counts. And still we allow their hundreds of trucks and containers ferry supplies for their and coalition forces in Afghanistan without any toll or tax which elsewhere they will and do have to pay. The horrific price we are paying for this relationship in terms of our national cohesion, solidarity and unity is an increasingly unbearable extra. And yet we now hearing disconcertingly of a presidential green-light to US Special Forces to snatch our nuclear assets on the excuse of their falling in terrorists’ hands. Was then the Abbottabad raid a full-dress rehearsal to that contemplated adventurism? Doesn’t prove our people’s long-held suspicions about US intents about our strategic assets?We indeed are in this strategic relationship contrivance’s trap. We are damned if we are in it. We are damned if we are out of it. But get rid of it we must. The leadership across the board must think out how to do it before it is too late.


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