Obama’s Party On the Brink of Losing the Congressional Elections

                           Incumbent US President Barack Obama
This is a devastating set of data for the incumbent party,it is a rebuke to the last two years.

For Obama having not been able to change anything as he promised to Americans and others, the time has come to face a quick defeat at the midterm congressional elections on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, the future congress will see the same faces from the Republican Party prepared to take control of the congress. It is expected the Republicans will speed up passing of archaic laws in favor of the wealthy and a return to taking more aggressive postures toward the international community.  
Latest polls indicate around 50 percent are going to vote for a majority Republican congress and only 43 percent prefer Democrats to remain in charge. According to Bill McInturff, a person familiar with this issue, ‘this is a devastating set of data for the incumbent party, it is a rebuke to the last two years.’ 
Overall, there’s not much better to be expected of a Republican majority congress. Both major parties in the US are parts and parcels of a vastly corrupt system deeply intermingled within a network of Zionist and big corporate establishment that only seeks to prolong hold on power.
Barack Obama is swiftly losing what support he had from a vast majority of Americans only two years ago. He is considered one of the most controversial US presidents ever, notably with respect to his very contradictory speeches and policies since elected as the president.
There have been numerous occasions when Obama talked about one thing in front of millions of listeners and then almost without any hesitation did the exact opposite of what people heard him say on that day.

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