Arundhati or BJP: Who is the real separatist?

By Emmenay

After proving their fanaticism against Muslims and Christians the Bharatiya Janata Party is now flaming hatred against the Hindus of India too. The venom of religious vitriol let loose by the Hindu extremists united under BJP’s banner, against well known English author, Arundhati Roy, just because she spoke for the rights of the Muslim living in Occupied Kashmir is worldwide news yesterday (Wednesday).
The unjustified criticism against Arundhati, by the BJP and its cohort of mythical militants, was published in a well known Indian newspaper on Wednesday: Some of the comments made by the extremist party’s elements, especially the ignominious M Venkiah Naidu expose exactly what every religious opportunist does, when an opportunity to muffle up and throttle the voice of just and fair speech is fanned up. For instance Naidu lashes out at Arundhati as if she had done him a personal wrong or insulted him in some unparliamentary manner — which she did not. Arundhati only spoke of allowing the Kashmiri Muslims the fundamental right and that is: to speak out freely and make themselves heard against the Indian government’s policies in the held region.
To prove this point it would not be unwise to give Naidu’s remarks a cursory reading: — “The UPA government take the strongest possible action against writer activist Arundhati Roy for her “seditious” remarks on Kashmir and asked the Centre to spell out its policy vis-a-vis Kashmir and the separatists.”

“When there is an elected government in Kashmir as the result of free and fair elections, how can someone say the state is not an integral part of India? Its nothing but sedition,”: senior BJP leader M Venkaiah Naidu. The country’s unity and integrity cannot be allowed to be challenged in the name of freedom of expression and asserted that the crisis-hit state was an integral part of India. Parliament had adopted a unanimous resolution that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India. Nobody is above the law, however big she or he may be. We demand the strongest possible action against Roy.”
— “Such incidents advocating separatism “should be nipped in the bud.”
— “The BJP demands a clear-cut policy from UPA vis-a-vis Kashmir and the separatists.”
— Any inaction on the part of the government will embolden further separatist elements.”
And all these statements were made by the BJP politician just because it is the belief of his party partners and supporters that only BJP stands for the so-callled unity of India. And this belief is further augmented and strengthened by these men and women of the extremist party even more by castigating all those sane and intelligent, well-educated and enlightened Hindu liberals and moderates, who support not just the Kashmiri demand to have their future decided in accordance with their majority of wills, fairly and justly, peacefully and amicably; but the BJP lava of hatred engulfs those Indians even tighter, who happen to support the rights of the Indian Muslims and their fundamental rights an enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights after the end of the Second World War.
Now it is left up to the readers to sift who is the separatist of the two: Arundhati Roy or the BJP extremist leader? It does not need a very high I.Q. level to make out that Arundhati is the nationalist-minded Indian representative of all those millions worldwide, who believe and strive for ensuring the implementation, guaranteed protection and unequivocal suppporting of the basic and undeniable human rights as outlined very clearly in the United Nations Charter.
And it is also “elementary” my dear reader (With due thanks to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes) to observe that it is people like Naidu and other like-minded men and women of the BJP who stand out as the real separatists.


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