Operation dark heart, a cover-up of 9/11

Sultan M Hali

US Army’s Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer’s book, “Operation Dark Heart: Spycraft and Special Ops on the Frontlines of Afghanistan—and the Path to Victory,” recounts his five-month stint in Afghanistan in 2003. The book exposes the good and bad of combat operations the U.S. Government does not want uncovered. The account given by Tony Shaffer of how things worked in Afghanistan and in Washington give a whole new insight to the soldiers doing the fighting and a top heavy bureaucracy that impedes mission execution on the ground and consequently hinders overall mission effectiveness. Unfortunately, after permission had been granted for its publication the book was “censored” by the Pentagon in order that some classified details could be “redacted”. The Pentagon purchased and destroyed nearly 10,000 copies of the spy memoir after officials charged it exposed US military secrets.

With Pentagon representatives looking on, St. Martin’s Press pulped the first print run of “Operation Dark Heart” and released a revised version in a deal with the US government, while in an unusual move, reimbursed the publisher for the cost of the first printing as military officials had initially approved the manuscript for publication. Anthony Shaffer was a Defense Intelligence Agency officer working under a secret program called “Able Danger” created in the late 90’s, to monitor or (and) “infiltrate” Muslim terror cells. Shaffer bumped into Mohammed Atta’s File and informed his superiors that something fishy was going on and that Atta was up to no good. However, Colonel Shaffer was ordered to “drop” the matter and was removed from the case. His superior officers probably knew the exact extent of the case but since everything in the Intelligence business is compartmentalized so Shaffer was removed from the case. His superiors did not want him to go any further and find out too much about what was in preparation: a “false flag attack” using Arabs who were probably taught by private military contractors (like Mossad) who train Arab mercenaries , to pose as terrorists in order to infiltrate “real” Terrorists groups for money (Atta had reportedly received a large amount of money and was also trained to “hijack” planes not knowing that the aircraft were going to be remote controlled and that they were set up.

When Shaffer found out, like the rest of the world what happened on 9/11 2001, he tried to go back to the Atta’s network files; but most of these files were destroyed, he also lost his “ clearance” at the DIA and his job, thanks to his superiors. Colonel Shaffer admits in his book that even before the “Able Danger” imbroglio, he was seen by some at DIA as a risk-taking troublemaker. He describes participating in a midday raid on a telephone facility in Kabul to download the names and numbers of all the cell-phone users in the country and proposing an intelligence operation to cross into Pakistan and spy on a Taliban headquarters.

Shaffer reveals in his book that the invasion of Afghanistan was planned a year before the 9/11, Bin Laden was a CIA asset, paid and trained by the CIA when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in the 70’s 80’s (reference: Charlie Wilson’s War) and most likely died early 2002 of kidney failure. An apparent conclusion is that the “War on Terror” is fake and mostly staged. The US, UK and Israeli intelligence have been attempting to infiltrate the so called Muslim Terror cells for decades and set them up. The “terror scare” is used to justify the “perpetual State of War” in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan and have replaced the “Cold War with the complicity of US mainstream media.

The book is an exposé that a cover-up was set in motion by USA, a nation which denounces censorship, praises freedom of speech, and who will not hesitate to annihilate any person or entity daring enough to threaten its “God given” rights. USA is supposed to be the land of the “free,” home of the brave, where democracy is more of a buzzword than a legitimate political system—unless one is voting for America’s newest idol, model, or celebrity dance duo. The author, Anthony Shaffer says his free speech rights have been violated.

He has publicly stated that all of the information the military claimed was classified—and therefore barred from being published in his book—is available in unclassified and open-source documents. Shaffer contends the redactions were unnecessary and were ordered only to silence him. “My First Amendment rights were sat on,” Shaffer claims. The thoughts hover on the idea that mass surveillance, control over the economy, propaganda disseminated through government controlled mass media—is not where America is headed; this is where America is now. Critics opine that it is a classic case of totalitarianism at its worst.

At a cost of almost US$50,000 taxpayer dollar, the resulting publicity from the military’s official book-burning vaulted the newly redacted version to number one on Amazon.com’s bestseller list and, according to Army Times, “a week after going on sale, it was on its third reprint with 50,000 copies sold or on sale.” The episode has created a possibly new marketing strategy, in which “creative” writers could conjure books filled with gossip, so trashy that rather than taking the route of libel, insulted parties would be obliged to purchase all copies of the “offensive” publication.

The damaging aspect of Pentagon’s highhandedness also speaks to a level of naiveté at the Pentagon. About 100 advance copies of “Operation Dark Heart’’ had already been sent out, and Wikileaks has announced that it has one. Whatever is in the book will be disseminated over the Internet. For an organization that views cyber security as a cornerstone of America’s 21st century defense strategy, the Pentagon should know better than to think that pulping a potentially troublesome book will keep its contents from getting out. In retrospect, the exposé regarding the 9/11 cover up is the most dangerous revelation and must be explained by concerned quarters if the conspiracy theory is fiction.


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