Pak and China will co-build bigger nuke plant ,submarines and large warships

After the successful completion of construction of three F-22 P Frigates in China, Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Noman Bashir said Pakistan has identified with China the (possibility of) co-operation in the field of construction of submarine, bigger war ships, acquiring modern weapons and equipment.

“We have the history of co-operation in the navy with China like we have co-operation in all other fields”, said Noman Bashir while talking to media here at a reception on Saturday evening in which Ambassador of Pakistan to China Masood Khan was also present.

Admiral Bashir said Pakistan Navy has already taken over control of three frigates and the fourth one is being constructed with Chinese co-operation in Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works. He hoped that like the three frigates, construction of the fourth one would be completed ahead of schedule.

“We will not stop here and this co-operation will continue”, he said while replying to a question. Elaborating, he said that during his meetings with the Chinese side, he had identified areas including building of submarines. So far, we have not entered into joint construction of submarines. This is one of the areas Pakistan would now like to explore, he added.

The chief of naval staff said Pakistan would also like to go for construction of bigger ships with the co-operation of China. These ships would be bigger than the current F-22 P Frigates, he informed.

There is lot of discussion that is taking place, he observed, adding, “obviously, we will have the ships and submarines, which will be according to our requirements and specifications”. Also, he added, in the areas of weapons and sensors, we are going beyond what we had.

                                  China in talks to export Pakistan bigger nuke plant

This is another bold step by China now it is responsibility of Pakistani patriots to stand firm and do not let US to pressurise Pakistan for halting this deal.

China National Nuclear Corp (CNNC) is in discussions to build a 1-gigawatt scale nuclear power plant in Pakistan, after having built two there and signed agreements for two other smaller ones, a CNNC executive said on Monday. “After the successful, safe operation of the first 300-megawatt reactor in Chashma…the second reactor is now under testing and is expected to start formal operations by the end of this year,” said Qiu Jiangang, vice president of CNNC.
Qiu said the two countries have signed contracts to build the No. 3 and No. 4 reactors of similar size.
Qiu made the remarks at a ceremony in Beijing. China’s other leading nuclear power firm, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corp, is launching commercial operations for a new 1-GW nuclear reactor in southern Guangdong province.



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