UNO Silence over Indian Brutality in Kashmir?

 The army aggression in Indian Occupied Kashmir is even wrost than Israeli brutality in Palestine.
Pakistan, China and Arab countries have strongly condemned the ongoing Indian barbarism against women, children, young and old individuals.

By Zaheerul Hassan
Despite curfew massive protests which started on Eid Day from Srinagar have extended to all over the Kashmir including major districts Anantnag, Pampore and Sopore towns. The masses refused to obey occupied forces and defied the curfew. Since last  Saturday (September 11,2010)  till today death toll rose up  to 95, more than 2000  injured and about  3000 freedom fighters have been abducted by Indian occupied forces. The properties of innocent Kashmiri’s people are being burnt by the local police with the help of extremists Hindus in Jamu valley and all other parts of Hindu’s dominated areas. In this regard occupied Indian forces are providing them fully support.
The army aggression in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) is even worst than Israeli brutality in Palestine.  Pakistan, China and Arab countries have strongly condemned the ongoing Indian barbarism against women, children, young’s and old individuals. Cries of women and children can be heard from every second house of the valley. Thus in retaliation, young girls and boys whenever find chance fight back the forces with stone throwing. As Parvaiz Bukhari, a journalist, said early this week that  the stones flung randomly by protestors have become “the voice of a neglected people” convinced that the world deliberately ignores heir plight There only demand now is “liberation of Kashmir and it accession to Pakistan”. Pakistani and Iranian news channels have been banned by state authorities, reported a Koran desecration in the United States.  It is also notable here that local authorities have forcefully stopped the publishing of newspaper since September 13, 2010.
The death toll may rise as the condition of eight of the 100  injured in clashes Monday is described by doctors as critical,’ said a police officer who requested anonymity. It is mentionable here that UNO that suppose to interfere and has binding of resolving Kashmir issue is silent over Indian brutality. Her silence over killing, raping women and teen age’s girls, burning properties, disrespecting Quran and abduction of innocent people has put a big question mark over her credibility. It is mentionable here that the so called democratic Indian government is also failed to tackle the escalated unrest in Indian Held Kashmir. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called for calm and said he was: shocked and distressed” by the demonstrations. However the all parties conference (APC) held in Delhi on September 16, 2010 is also failed to reach on any solution apart from a decision to send fact finding mission to IHK.
UNO, Americans and West   silence over Indian brutality simply depicting their double standers towards Muslim community. For examples bloggers and tweeters in the west fail to keep a virtual vigil by the side of the dead and the wounded. Moreover in the last week, the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, showed reluctance to retract a feeble statement expressing concern over the situation in Kashmir. Kashmiri Muslims are understandably bitter.  Kashmir history has become a very painful now. Every third family of the valley is a living proof of Indian viciousness. In a media report, the veteran Kashmiri journalist Masood Hussain confessed to the near-total futility of his painstaking auditing of atrocity over two decades. However the cautiousness – or timidity – of western politicians is easy to understand. India has become a part from appearing as a lifeline to flailing western economies. She is a counterweight of western strategies against to China and also one of the bigger markets of Asia. Therefore, for west and US condemning New Delhi for her bloodshed and illegal actions against Muslim community in Kashmir and India is next to possible now. Protestors also chanted anti-US and anti-India slogans while burning effigies of US President Barack Obama.
Astonishingly a month before his election, Barack Obama declared that resolving the “Kashmir crisis” was among his “critical tasks”. But later on he declined to stand over his statement because of domestic and Jews pressures.  Since then, the US president hasn’t uttered a word about major conflicts in south Asia. UK Prime Minister David Cameron was advised a similar strategic public silence on his visit to India last fortnight. I think Kashmiries living in UK should force the government to take open and clear stand over Kashmir problem.
It is mentionable here that Kashmiri population are only demanding that they should be given their rights of self determination under the UN Resolution. Pakistan is just endorsing their genuine demand and always provided moral support to the unarmed innocent Kashmires. But unfortunately, western pundits who are always ready to assault illiberal regimes worldwide on behalf of democracy but just have tied their tongue in the case of Kashmir. Anyhow, there is a need that intellectuals, American and western think tanks should shattered their preoccupied ideas against Muslim community if they are really interested in eliminating terrorism. They must condemn the illegal and brutal actions of Israel and India. The liberal west must read the difference between civilization and barbarism. They must realize that so called elected Hindu nationalist government is fomenting state terrorism in Kashmir, Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
In a related development, authorities cancelled flights to Srinagar for three days, amid fears that protestors could target passengers traveling to the city. The deep anti-India sentiment runs through the Kashmir valley since 1947. More than one lac has been victimized by Indian occupied forces in IHK. Notably, 45,000 people have died in secessionist strife over the past two decades.
On September 14, 2010: President Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK Mohammad Ghalib, President Tehreek-e-Kashmir Scotland Zone Hanif Raja, Senior Vice President TeK, Chaudhry Mohammad Sharif, Secretary General Scotland Zone, Syed Tufail Hussain Shah and Deputy Secretary Raja Toseef Kiani  have responded very strongly and demanded that world community should raise the voice and ask India to stop state terrorism in Kashmir. They very rightly pointed out that if international community continues to allow India in committing high handed brutalities in Kashmir, the freedom loving people will have no option but to resist the foreign occupation with violence.
In this context, they also added that the extreme coercion on the part of India can lead the young Kashmiries to take guns in their hands and fight back the oppression,” Ghalib said while addressing the gatherings of Kashmiri and Pakistani community in different cities of United Kingdom.
Kashmiri leaders stressed that popular mass movement in Kashmir had exposed Indian propaganda that Pakistan is aiding and abetting Kashmir freedom struggle. In short, UNO should stop looking after Indian, American and Israeli interests. The organization should restore her credibility by condemning Indian brutality and resolving the burning issue of Kashmir.

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