Pakistan observes 45th Defence Day

        Ideological and geographical security and Defence Day

Since 6 September 1965 6 September 2010, nearly 45 years until the time comes when the Pakistan Army to his courage and juanmrdy proven that many times their previous encounter with the big enemy in the form of defense and guardian of our borders plays perfectly right. 17 days spread over the world also made it marky a specific purpose and how people protect themselves hold doctrine ensures that for this demonstration as anti-Pakistan forces found as alarm. Hence not only immediate ceasefire and the agreement was carried through Tashkent , victory in the coming days but that has sown the seeds of conspiracies which fall of Dhaka  cause of infections in Pakistan this theory was the first strike the opportunity to tell the Indians that “Two Nation Theory was torpedoed in the Bay of Bengal” after the circumstances were such a gradual rise in people who stay dansuran Pakistan going to be based on ideology doubts spread nine shades of race tried to mislead. Pakistan’s nine-race theory?aware of how Pakistan! Neither the establishment of Pakistan he eye witness (in front of her generation but also ends up being who demanded Pakistan. Participated in the Pakistan Movement and Pakistan becoming seen) or the education system so that their views disturbance not protect you from external circumstances are such that they give positive thinking. promoting common culture and erase borders are being openly talked.Thinkers  this persecution that the people who lead this generation to take away Pakistan’s  Ideology want.  that includes people other than Islam to promote ideology. That unity of Muslim people who finish color ‘area’ based on race and class prejudices are the provoke  and those who want to run a democratic system is not. analytics theory terms? foundations of Pakistan contains these three things. (1) Islam: Muslims which subcontinents myself as different from the non-Muslims. other words Founder of two national ideology in which? Quaid Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah in the 1940 speech  history described in these words “Hindu and Muslim civilizations represent two opposing systems that forests are in conflict with each other ‘ideas of each other both are different from both belong to different religions. both sides share in the social attitudes seem very low. “More later said” Hindu and Muslim families can not encourage marriage between ‘Hindu and Muslim sit together for dinner are avoid ‘live Manners are also divided. a people’s hero without other people are considered enemies. contradictory thinking that the two nations in an intellectual system, while a drive people are the majority and other minority ‘confrontation, and confrontation is equivalent to giving birth to such an  House to implement default system is always lead to failure. “His speech is clear that in the context where distinct identity and religious values were based on the demand of separate homeland where religious ideas and cultural values of Pakistan  lodging demand without commitment or justification within itself does not a fact. (2) Islamic unity: the unity of Muslims on Islam, which Pakistan as a result of millions of Muslims whose language subcontinents ‘geographic area’ mortgage  methods were different colors and if based on race and ethnicity of the region would view the question of partition of India would not only create and quaid Congress Azad Hind movement away from Pakistan on demand up, and united nation instead of nationality recognized by Congress to be ready to become absorbed in it. (2) democratic system: theory? integral part of Pakistan that here system must follow democratic practices because of the efforts made Pakistan Muslim nation ‘not a family or tribe’ so here’s a dictator ship constituted nature not only accurate but non-default y injustice system. ideology? these foundations of Pakistan never get to Pakistan to improve economic conditions of the struggle as the trigger is’ geographical point ever? giving importance to see what is insisting that Pakistan should be appreciated that it’s a How to cut off from wider historical background. this point?  looked away from the subcontinent’s Muslims and its cultural history, our geography has no contact outside of the current Pakistan exists but we just Aurangzeb, Singh and Raja Dahir our dual. not the Taj Mahal Amir Khusro to us and also our victory in our history but also Mohammad Bin Qasim Asoka period begins. Sometimes there are ethnic apple has never imposed dictatorship system of government cash. Sometimes rituals are making fun of Islam ‘ Pakistan’s borders with these theoretical risks geographical boundaries are two of four against enemy .  hundreds of thousands of Pakistani soldiers and destruction continues despite more  requirements. flood devastation between American drone attack martyred innocents people . U.S. interference ‘U.S. embassies, the expansion of the camp lodging and other infamous Blackwater company’s presence in Pakistan and body day by suicide attacks and civil war, growing conditions and defend the national integrity  question marks is made. Meanwhile, India  adversarial behavior with aggression from the U.S. civilian nuclear agreement after being be a major regional power. designed after 45 years is being celebrated as Defence Day of Pakistan’s ideological identity and geographical boundaries Any defense can not be guaranteed. while millions to struggle to achieve independence Muslims who respect life and property and even sacrificed once the post-independence were naturally interested in that piece?  their style tmdn ‘laws and Islamic civilization and culture t secure the opportunity to live, but slavery and 190 years away English education system were not present because they’ were not prepared according to Islamic law system of state run  few people ‘but they run or govern the government had practically no chance.



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