India’s trap plots

 Indian expertise in propaganda and neighboring countries who come into action quickly against his desires, not what is certainly surprising.
Dr. Shireen Mazari 

Pakistan is the fact that India can learn lessons from their diplomacy to promote what ways does the external propaganda and field United States his strategic alliance with one or two teachers can learn. However, the 60 years the international community in the eyes of dust thrown in Jammu and Kashmir on the illegal occupation by maintaining not only the Kashmiri people wrong and oppression The series continues, but all were from the UN that his promises is despite the fact that a UN monitoring allow Kashmiris the right to use tracking referendum . some people believe These are all practical politics than is the case that India’s market power rather than the issue of its propaganda is blind to what the world powers that have kept the Indians on Kashmir, United Nations, Security forced to implement Council resolutions, even though it may also explain part of the field, however, or any other matter with India’s rapid and effective propaganda can not be ignored. Indians overseas, especially in the West, many analysts supported by. because one reason or another Crusader fighters for the Indian state has chosen the path of becoming.Happen only recently put on the eyes  this would be the explanation of which I am trying to highlight. China to the Indian general who refused to issue visas Northern Area commander. This command including Jammu and Kashmir under which recognizes China’s controversial area. Jaswal Chinese general said he can not welcome because he disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir controlled by India are undoubtedly responding to the inevitable scene two Chinese officials attended the National Defence College course refused to allow an Indian military delegation visited Beijing canceled a hidden answer, but more interesting and not only China but also for Pakistan was far more damaging. The pro-India and madness limit anti-Pakistan analyst Seelig Harrison field in the process jump was. 80 struggle decade in New Delhi in the U.S. a major newspaper beuru cheif and then he issues on the Indian side support The series was’ who fought in Afghanistan U.S.led forces can remember the war against Pakistan that these days of Harrison propaganda will remember. August 26 New York Times, a new criticism filled columns which many Pakistani media  outlets ups and downs but most of Harrison’s past view, merely propaganda with regard to negligence are. This article Indian General visas to Chinese refuse soon after Pakistan and China about the post was. suddenly in New York, sitting this one very high article written while claiming that Gilgit area real control for 7 thousand from 11 thousand to the Chinese army has arrived. He also claims that the whole region of Pakistan against the insurgency has been. This Bay stylish claim that which is told of how people of the region with the first national politics has been brought to mainstream. Indeed they claim that the world has been turned off for this area but they still occur in this area was used to massacre all the incidents appeared to have open access. There is no doubt that Pakistan This allowed a full agenda that Gwadar port in north China by road and rail links to be built which will increase the importance of Karakoram Highway. fact that regular Pakistani governments are trying to train Chinese and Arabian Sea be set up more links by road and from Iran to China’s energy pipeline project, stating how the Chinese in India are promoting their rail links. Harrison Why communication links Pakistan to China en expressed their worries, while a mental tendency of excessive anti-Pakistan understands perfectly Although Harrison acknowledges that there is some road and rail infrastructure military construction for the purpose of residing there for the Karakoram Highway is like but still Indian propaganda that the car itself could not save her from the perspective that there must be someone else’s work.Matter does not end here  Harrison ran his thinking horse without bridle announced that”place”in secret tunnels around 22 mystery   Pakistanis bear where to go but also the prohibition on their once Then he made privacy so easily see. Although he acknowledges that it tunnels through the Karakoram Gilgit brasth Iran gas pipeline to China may be necessary. imagine having their dominance in India is the emerging concept that missile tunnels are being used for storage. He does not say whether it places for Chinese missiles or missiles are Pakistan ‘If it is concern over  while India itself places strategic missile is installed as far China’s case for him to target India do not need these places because they have access to the area to India and China’s significant history that unlike the U.S. overseas military base he tried his best to sumption after propaganda Harrison concluded that since Pakistan is providing access to China’s Bay so it is not America’s allies. It is highly absurd that increased border against Pakistan analyst writing this thing should certainly think twice before. end its misleading Pakistan for the U.S. war against terrorism have sacrificed in Pakistan if the U.S. still do not know it then your component is fine. In any case most Pakistanis to the U.S. real sometimes not recognized as your ally. to expect this from Pakistan that the U.S. coalition loyalty that people get recognition for its strategic and lasting coalition with China and a disengagement from ridiculous demands and present in Pakistan over U.S. border suicide based on pro-government take such a step can not encouraging. Harrison are the only wise conclusion ‘is that they need to solve the Kashmir problem but both sides of LoC for Kashmiris living autonomy Referring to demands which shows that they are so wrong. whatever he needs to is that their eyes fastened down Indian paths that they should pay to see that living in occupied Kashmir Kashmiris want freedom and independence but the Kashmiris for independence after a period embraced is the second generation. their claim that America is right in Kashmir is prepared to moderate pro krdarada. In fact, declaring America Most lost all credibility after that occupied Kashmir by Indian security forces kill Kashmiris  is an internal matter of India. autonomy to Indian Kashmir will not solve the problem because the new Kashmiri youth movement looks Wrath . like Pakistan who supported the independence movement. India will accept patrons excited that youth  cut their own current motion is absolute. and it is not in any external control. perhaps it is time that Mr Harrison Learn the facts of the region rather than merely on its Pakistan and India remain a dream picture their view every yard of ground realities and then matches their incomplete truths and hidden agendas of all sides of the pool is open. India propaganda specialist for the completion of Harrison’s article immediately after publication galvanized India and China where the Gilgit events and expressed deep concern over interference. see sequences of events! China by refusing to give visas to Indian general publication of an article by Harrison, India raised the issue as a pretext for the diplomatic run what is a non issue? Meanwhile, what we are doing something similar nest of deception around us are going to be?



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