CM of Haryana joins "Shoe Club"

CM of Haryana Bhupinder Singh Hooda becomes the latest political leader to suffer the humiliation of having a shoe hurled at him.
Police denied the incident but eyewitnesses said a 21-year-old boy accused the government of failing to give him a job and compensation for a cop-inflicted injury. He flung a shoe at the CM after saying those words.
Hooda resumed his address soon after and tried to make light of the statement, saying: “This incident will ensure we are protected from evil spirits.”
After Omar Abdullah, now it’s Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, who has faced the shoe missile as a youth hurled footwear at him on Sunday, Aug 22.
21-year-old, Shakti Sing was frustrated at the Haryana government’s delay in giving him a promised job.

“I had received a bullet injury during a police firing incident. At that time, the government had promised me cash relief of Rs.10 lakh and a government job. But despite my repeated reminders, none of the promises have been fulfilled so far,” stated Shakti.

He was sitting behind the press photographers during a rally in Mahendergarh, 320 km from Chandigarh, at the ITI ground, suddenly threw a shoe towards Hooda but it fell short.

After throwing the footwear, Shakti was overpowered by villagers and handed over to the police, who detained him for questioning.

Hooda termed the incident the “handiwork of the anti-social elements on the behest of rival political parties in the state”.

However, police denied the incident as the shoe fell quite some distance away from Hooda.

“Nobody hurled shoe or anything towards the chief minister. Yes, two groups of youths had started fighting at the rally venue but we had immediately controlled the situation,” said police officials.



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