Israel a "one-bomb country."

Iran supreme leader,Ali Khamenei, says Israel is the ” Enemy of God” Tehran, proclaming that the Holocaust never happened and vowing to complete it, Iran former president, Hashemi Rafsanjani says Israel a ” one bomb country”

One of Iran’s senior military officials has warned of stern retaliatory measures against the enemies should any of them venture upon launching an aerial attack against Iranian nuclear facilities, Mehr news Agency reported yesterday. 

Head of the Operation Department of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Brigadier General Ali Shademani told reporters, ‘The country’s armed forces which are under the (Islamic Revolution) Leader’s command are in the highest state of preparedness.’ 
Shademani said Iran has the wherewithal to counter enemy attacks and he summed up a three-pronged strategy that would render the country’s enemies totally helpless. According to Shademani, the first measure would be to take a full and long-lasting control over the strategic Hormuz Straight by Iran. Such a measure if implemented would make free movements impossible through the narrow channel for unknown periods.
The second measure he explained would be overseeing and keeping a close watch over American military bases inside Afghanistan and Iraq. ‘With the slightest move against Iran, we will paralyze the troops stationed in those bases and won’t allow them to make any move.’ The General said. 
And the third measure would be to disturb peace and tranquility in Israel, which is known as the closest ally of the United States. ‘The US and Israel well know that we can do it,’ the General added. 
Meanwhile, yesterday, former Bush administration officials and a staunch supporter of US aggressions against other nations, John Bolton in an interview with FOX Business said Israel has only 8 days left to launch a military attack against Iranian nuclear installations. 
The reason he cited was the opening of Iran’s first nuclear reactor in Bushehr by the end of this week. According to Bolton, once nuclear fuel rods are placed inside the core of this reactor it would be impossible then to ever attack Bushehr in the future lest radioactive material spread across a vast area. 
The Deputy Secretary General of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Sheikh Naim Qasem, has pointed out the resistance forces’ preparedness to counter any possible attack by the Zionist regime’s army.

According to IRNA, addressing the ceremonies held in the Syrian Capital, Damascus, on Tuesday night, which marked the 4th anniversary of the victory of Islamic resistance against the Zionist enemy, this senior Hezbollah official said that the resistance forces withstand the war machine and the fully armed Zionist troopers through resorting to their faith and will once again defeat the Israeli regime’s forces.
He underlined that: “The Zionist regime will never be committed to the international resolutions and rules and regulations and the only way to expel it from the occupied territories is resistance, while we will continue resistance as the only path for defending our national sovereignty and freedom.”
He also hailed Islamic Republic of Iran’s and Syrian support for the resistance and reiterated that the Palestinian groups and a number of Arabs should join the resistance and stop pointless talks with the Zionist enemy, which have been dictated by the US and are in line with the Israeli regime’s interests.
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