Zionist Regime Might Quit the UN Probe into Flotilla Killings

Tel Aviv syas their participation was predicated on this alleged deal and if the UN does not accept their demand,they may abandon it entirely.

Israel says it might end cooperating with the UN international probe into the Gaza flotilla killings as early as today.

Israelis claim they have made a secret arrangement with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in which it was agreed to give blanket immunity to Israeli commandos involved in the massacre of innocent unarmed civilians onboard the flotilla, from testifying.

However, Ban Ki-moon earlier vehemently denied such an agreement was made with Israeli officials who now threaten to quit the panel if the UN actually conducts a real investigation into this case. Tel Aviv now says their participation into the probe was predicated on the alleged deal and if the UN does not accept this demand, they may abandon it entirely.

Another key point of controversy surrounding the panel is participation of former Colombian president Alvar Uribe. There are numerous reports of Uribe’s involvements in brutal attacks against human rights activists in Colombia.

The Israeli commando attack on humanitarian aid flotilla headed toward Gaza Strip on May 31 marked another instance of Israeli disrespects for international norms. The attack occurred in international waters in early morning hours when half asleep-unarmed activists onboard several ships were overpowered by fully armed commandos from of the Israeli army.

Tel Aviv calls those activists as terrorists and Islamists etc. trying to break the illegal seize of Gaza Strip against Israel’s own security concerns.



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