Helpless indian:Manmohan appeals for calm in Kashmir

The Indian ruling political leadership is now viewing it as a unique problem,and urging for its unique solution.It is for first time that Indian Home Minister admitted on the floor of the House that Kashmiris want freedom and a huge roar of Azadi from India.

India’s prime minister on Tuesday appealed for a calm in Indian-controlled Kashmir as thousands of local Muslims marched and offered special prayers in open fields to honour those killed in recent civil unrest.

Is seems that the Kashmiri sentiment of freedom from the Union of India is gaining popularity among well meaning people, organization and some political circles within India also. The Indian ruling political leadership is now viewing it as a unique problem, and urging for its unique solution. It is for the first time that Indian Home Minister admitted on the floor of the House that Kashmiris want freedom and a huge roar of “Azadi from India” is being heard on the streets of Kashmir. His admission was an indication that Indian politics has to revisit the Kashmir policy as it proved counterproductive. Not only this, the main opposition party (BJP) for the first time hearing these remarks did not have a walkout or tried to disrupt his speech. Now, the colonial mindset of Indian towards Kashmir and the mishandling of situation is being criticized and been discussed in broad day light within the literal circles also. World over media reports about the human rights violation are publishing and condemnations from every quarter is being registered.

This affirms and clearly indicates that movements which are being supported by the masses cannot be kept unaddressed for a long. The sentiment of Azadi is being widely accepted within the state of Jammu and Kashmir and is presently the binding force of the resistance. People from different classes of Opinions, Cast, Faith and Social Setups seem to be gathering and getting attracted towards the cause of total Independence from India.

The present mass movement is putting immense pressure on the Indian Government to resolve the issue of Jammu and Kashmir according to the peoples wish. The unrest is a real irritation to the Indian establishment and they are working out the means and measures to defuse the sentiments on many fronts. Stringent measures like heavy armed forces deployment, Indefinite Curfews, Crack Downs, Raids, Ban on News Channels and Press are some of the methods besides Killing of peaceful protestors are presently in vogue; each of their acts to curb the movement seems to be adding fuel to the fire and making the hold of separation more strong and concrete.

The call of separation should sustain to meet its logical end. Not only this, the impetus it has gained should persist and it should attract more and more support across the communities and regions. To accommodate support across the communities and regions there seems to be some hurdles which can thwart other communities to join besides supply a much desired tools to the Indian government to exploit and divert the present movement. Pakistan and the so called religious fundamentalism are the two immediate cards that India wants us to get indulged in. The Indian policy makers are busy in pulling the Pakistan and the so called Islamic fundamentalism factor into the present Kashmir canvas. This branding of Kashmir issue suits it as a strong infrastructure of hatred against the so called Islamic fundamentalism, and Pakistani extremism is already in place with the West and she wants to take advantage of it and subvert the legitimate Movement of Jammu and Kashmir. And if it succeeds, it can easily defuse the growing international and domestic pressure for the resolution of the issue which is in no case good for us.

Our Leadership on the other hand has to be very determined and not allow such thing to come our way which will enable Indian Government to derail the movement. We shall have to understand that if India succeeds in it than we cannot expect any support from any of the influential Countries, Organizations or of the well mean individuals. Ours is a political and not a religious dispute. We are striving for Independence from India. Every time we say Pakistan Zindabad, there will be enough people in other parts of the state to shout Hindustan Zindabad. Our hoisting of Pakistani Flag in Kashmir will get a tricolor in their hands. Chanting “Lashkar Ayee, Lashkar Ayee” out of anger on the streets will never help us but will make anti movement plateform strong. It is we people who have to stop these kind of things and seek multi community, multi religious participation. The fate and course of our nations can be worked out jointly after achieving the freedom. Prematurely stating the structure and the setup of the government is unwarranted and juvenile. If Pakistan in the times of crisis can brush aside Kashmir and other tags and put ‘PAKISTAN FIRST’ why not we for achieving of the freedom can put our ‘KASHMIR FIRST’ and brush every sentiment aside.

Those of the leaders who are presently in command and control and enjoy the support of common masses should give it a heard and think of themselves the ways and means to tackle and manage the present situation. It has to be given a thought as to why we want to fight the whole world and settle all the scores in one go. The key of the success lie with the unity, persistence besides a logical goal. Space to every community and every tribe of the state has to be kept besides seeking there active participation in the struggle of freedom. Any move put wrongly and hastily will not only take the fruit of freedom away from us, but will also make us unwanted world over. The real success of a leader is in accommodating all shades and opinions and not ones. Embracing one faction and reject others will lead us nowhere. The dispute of Jammu and Kashmir is equally of Muslims, Hindus, Bodh, Sikhs, Christians and other tribes who so ever live here before the eyes of the United Nations and whose active role we seek for its resolution. Before aborting multi community participation on the basis of their present role it should be open mindedly given a fresh try. Representing only one community and not reaching the others will not only divide the population but the territory of Jammu and Kashmir State. It should not be presumed that every Hindu, Bodh, Sikh is against the movement and anti Kashmiri. If accommodated rightly and respectfully these communities can also put their strong force for the resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute according to the wishes of the people. If not engaged or called for: What logic can we put to claim their land and not them? What answer lies with us if they claim the same freedom from us? Indian establishment is very happy if we will stick to our age old lines as it presently suits them more than us. Leaders are answerable before the people for every move they make. The people of the Jammu and Kashmir are very possessive about their territory and culture. And in case a territorial and cultural division occurs due to any immature move of the leaders, he shall be answerable to the nation. Vision and wisdom besides strategy to cater the evolving challenges is what a successful leader should possess.



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