India illegal nuclear trafficking attempts

Bid clear violation of US laws, completely confronts the clauses of Indo-US civil nuke deal.
Parsad Chaudhary nuke proliferation newtwork goes active again Israel also partnered India in the said nuke theft attempt.
US firm faces penalties for illegal nuclear trafficking attempts to India,Israel.

ISIS save INDIA`S attempted acquisition of oscilloscopes shows that the country may continue to acquire items illicitly from abroad for its missile programs & unsafe nuclear program.

From Sandra Johnson in Washington/Makhdoom Babar in Islamabad.
( The Daily Mail )

India, that is already struggling hard to keep its nuclear assets secured from the Moist militants as the Moist aka Nexal militants are ruling with full authority in India’s Red Corridor where India has 80 percent of its nuclear and missile facility, has now been caught in the web for attempting to illegally import nuclear material from United States, not only clearly violating the relevant US Laws but also categorically breaching the civil nuclear deal that it has signed with the United States, reveal the investigations of The Daily Mail.
The Daily Mail’s investigations further reveal that Israel was also partner of India in this nuclear theft attempt and the US officials are very much annoyed with traditional cheat on part of India

These findings indicate that a few months back, the U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) charged the U.S.-based Telogy LLC and its Belgian affiliate with violating U.S. Export Administration Regulations (EAR) for attempting to export controlled goods to Israel, India and South Africa. These charges followed a voluntary self-disclosure by the companies.

The Daily Mail’s findings reveal that in the case of Israel and India, the goods were intended to be used for nuclear weapons and missile programs. According to Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), India’s attempted acquisition of oscilloscopes shows that the country may continue to acquire items illicitly from abroad for its missile programs or un-safeguarded nuclear programs, including its nuclear weapons program. Recently, India has also sought vacuum pumps from European manufacturers that are believed to be for its un-safeguarded uranium enrichment program. ISIS further observes that the large scale oscilloscope purchases made by Israel bring into question its continued commitment to halting its illicit procurement of equipment for its nuclear program, which it made as a result of U.S. pressure during the 1990s.

The Daily Mail’s investigations further indicate that public typically focuses on the export control violations of U.S. adversaries or competitors, such as Iran or North Korea However, some U.S. allies also break U.S. or foreign trade control laws to outfit their missile or nuclear weapons programs. Although the BIS did not identify the suspected purchasers of these goods in Israel but it did indicated about some end users in India and these were no new names but the famous Prasad -Chaudhary network of nuclear proliferation, highlighting the need for the U.S. government to develop a more formal process to discourage allies from violating U.S. trade control laws and even to terminate civil nuclear deal with India it may be mentioned here that India’s former Chief of Atomic Energy Commission Y S R Prasad and Dr C Surrender Chaudhary who head the nuclear proliferation from India were put under sanctions by the US state department on 29th sep 2004 when these state departments took the action under Non-Proliferation Act 200 through public notice no 4845, notified it in the federal register as 69FR 58212 notice for their similar activities.

Noted security specialist John Nicholson, when contacted by The Day Mail, said “To that end, the United States should obtain formal pledges from its allies, in particular India and Israel, that they will not seek to violate U.S. laws, or for that matter supplier-country laws, in order to outfit their ballistic missile programs or un-safeguarded nuclear program of India. India should be strictly warned to cooperate fully with U.S. authorities in any investigation or prosecution of alleged violations, including efforts to collect evidence, extradite violators, and obtain the return of goods sent under false pretenses to a nuclear weapons or missile program. In the absence of adequate cooperation, the United States should impose additional licensing requirements on the export of any dual-use goods to these countries. The United States can already impose sanctions on Indian and Israeli entities and nationals that violate U.S. laws, but for egregious violations it should seek United Nations Security Council sanctions on responsible entities and individuals”.

The Daily Mail’s investigations further indicate that Telogy, based in Union City, California, was charged with three violations of the U.S. Export Administration Regulations (EAR), pursuant to a voluntary self-disclosure made by the company. 1 BIS also charged Telogy’s Belgian affiliate, Telogy International NV, with twenty-three violations of the EAR, also the result of a voluntary self-disclosure. 2 Between 2003 and 2007, Telogy LLC and Telogy International NV (hereafter referred to as Telogy Intl) allegedly cooperated to attempt to export oscilloscopes to India and Israel. These oscilloscopes are controlled because of their potential application in nuclear weapons and missile delivery systems. 3 Telogy Intl is also charged with allegedly re-exporting twenty-two oscilloscopes to Israel. Telogy Intl is also charged with allegedly re-exporting a spectrum analyzer to South Africa. 4 The companies neither admit nor deny these allegations.

According to BIS settlement agreements, Telogy LLC was given a suspended fine of $76,000; Telogy Intl must pay $75,000 and faces a suspended fine of $362,000. 7 The suspended fines will be waived if the companies do not commit additional export violations for a period of one year.
The Daily Mail’s findings further indicate that Telogy LLC allegedly attempted to export two oscilloscopes to India, one oscilloscope to Israel.. Oscilloscopes are equipment that exhibit graphs of electrical signals and track the timing of signals and are controlled for export because of their potential use in nuclear weapons and missile delivery systems.

The Daily Mail’s investigations expose that Telogy LLC received an order for two oscilloscopes destined for India from its Belgian affiliate, Telogy Intl, and according to BIS, took actions “with intent to evade” the EAR. According to BIS, Telogy LLC was aware that an export license was required for shipping oscilloscopes to India, and therefore arranged to ship them first to Telogy Intl “with the understanding that the items would then be sent to India.”

Telogy LLC filed a voluntary self-disclosure of its actions with BIS’s Office of Export Enforcement. It was assessed a suspended civil penalty of $76,000, which can be waived if the company commits no further export violations for one year. 12 It neither admits nor denies the allegations contained in the BIS charging letter.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that these alleged instances show that countries like India and Israel, which are otherwise U.S. allies knowingly violate U.S. export laws and regulations to procure goods for their nuclear, missile, or military programs. They use methods that differ little from those pursued by U.S. adversaries, such as Iran or North Korea. The United States should take several actions to discourage U.S. allies from violating U.S. trade control laws.


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