Kashmiris’ struggle will not go waste

By Afshain afzal

In order to justify the crackdown of Kashmiris all over India, the Indian military Intelligence, G Branch of BSF, IB and RAW have joined their heads to suppress the ongoing Kashmir movement for the independence. The peaceful indigenous Kashmiri struggle is intestinally being linked with militant groups to take action against them. Interestingly, the ongoing raising against the Indian occupation in Jammu and Kashmir state is different from the one that took place in 1990ies as the element of Mujahideen or armed struggle is missing this time. May be at a later stage the shape of the movement changes but at present it is purely a non-violent democratic struggle. Thousands of Kashmiri are voicing their anger against the Indian authorities and supporting independence. Reports from New Delhi, Jammu and other locations suggest that the Kashmiri Hindu Pandits and Kashmiris Sikhs and those living abroad have also planned to join hands with their Muslim Kashmiri brethrens. India is trying to bring violence Kashmiris’ struggle by penetrating agents and surrendered Kashmiris who have been enrolled as Special Police Officers (SPO) in the files of Kashmiris. In the latest development, Indian agencies have started suspecting Bangladeshi government of Prime Minister Haseena Wajid and the opposition for using Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami (HUJI) and Jamaat-e-Islami (JEI) against India.

Today, the Kashmiri are aggrieved over the atrocities by Indian occupying forces and are using their constitutional right of protests. It is quite disgusting to observe that Indian authorities and the puppet political machinery in held Jammu and Kashmir state, who are plying in the hand of Indian intelligence agencies, are even depriving Kashmiris from their right to protest. The ongoing cold blooded murders of a number of Kashmiris in fake encounters and extra judicial killings have forced the Kashmiris of Indian held Jammu and Kashmir state to get their protest registered. However, in an effort to hush up the whole affairs, Indian security have restored to the coercive methods. The fact cannot be denied in just in a one and a half month period; at least 18 peaceful Kashmiri protesters have been killed. It is irony that instead of taking action against those responsible for the cold blooded murders, fake encounters and extra judicial killings, the Indian authorities are suppressing the Kashmiris to keep their mouths shut. .Rallies, chanting slogans and pelting stones have become such a serious crime in held Jammu and Kashmir that the soldiers have orders to open live fires on the protesters indiscriminately.

The Indian authorities have even stopped the journalists from performing their duties Reports of attacks on media persons, especially the Muslim journalists have become a matter of routine. In a recent statement, Chairperson of the South Asia Media Commission K K Katyal said “The restrictions of the type announced yesterday will only prove counter-productive. As we know from our experience of the emergency period, it will not serve any useful purpose either in the immediate or long-term context.” In fact, New Delhi and the puppets in Srinagar and Jammu are afraid that if media is allowed in Jammu and Kashmir state, no body would listen to their propaganda against the Kashmiris and the Pakistanis. Top Kashmiri leaders like Syed Ali Shah Geelani have been put under arrest and are subjected to mental and physical torture.

It is quite depressing that instead of listening to the grievances of the Kashmiris the Indian authorities have started blaming Pakistan and are trying to indulge top Kashmiri leaders in conspiracy against the state by linking them with terrorists. In a recent development, India Chief Minister of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir state, Omar Abdullah has alleged that his government has taped conversations between separatists, handlers from across LoC and stone-pelters. Ironically, in this joint conspiracy between Omar Abdullah, Indian Home Ministry and Indian intelligence agencies, they have alleged that Pakistan is involved in stone-pelting. The claimed that stones are brought in trucks from Pakistan and distributed among the Kashmiris who are paid Rupees 500 each for pelting the stones on security forces. Officials in New Delhi have termed it a low cost, high impact strategy being used by Kashmiri terrorist groups. One wonders if there is any dearth of stone in Jammu and Kashmir state that trucks from Pakistan are required to provide stones to the protester, Obviously, New Delhi cannot prove the stones as “Made in Pakistan” so it is a good propaganda that trucks came from Pakistan but can this happen in the presence of over 8 Lac Indian occupying forces.

New Delhi has dispatch bulk of additional security forces to suppress the Kashmiri protesters. Troops from 15 Crops and two battalions from 3 Infantry Division have already moved to occupy their positions in designated areas. Fresh 1600 personnel from Para Military Forces including Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and Border security Force (BSF) have also moved in to their new locations to maintain law and order. It is pertinent to mention here that although New Delhi is claims that the bulk of deployment of Indian security forces in the state is a temporary measure but it would definitely take months to withdraw these personnel. The Kashmiris have decided to continue with their protests while on the Indian side, beside heavy deployment of security forces, they have launched a massive campaign against Pakistan, and Bangladesh holding Islamabad and Decca responsible for the law and order situation in the Jammu and Kashmir state. One wonders that in 1931 many champions of human rights remained silent spectators who are even today unable to stir their conscience for a while. The Kashmiris’ struggle for their right of self determination through free and impartial United Nations’ sponsored plebiscite is only answer to armed struggle to take its roots.


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