Indian skepticism stays untreated!

By Ambreen Nadeem Janiua

India is plowing evil designs as it brews the magic broth for the upcoming Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) meeting which is scheduled to take place in Vienna next month. India is cherishing to get the Sino-Pak nuclear deal vetoed with the help of international interlocutors.

India is not member of the NSG and still it is aiming for a deal merely out of political lobbying. India has launched a two-fold strategy for convincing lawmakers of the member nations and think-tank experts to veto the deal. India’s skepticism is going to be taking its toll.

Intentionally or unintentionally, directly or indirectly India is manipulating to sabotage any kind of move towards development in Pakistan as well as towards the countries self-sufficiency. The other Indian machinery sometimes appears to be targeting any move agreements and alliances fearing the development might support Pakistan over India. In the past, there have been resentments among Indians leaders when the talks were in the air related to the much expected nuclear agreement.

If India expects Pakistan to remain silent and calm over each of its move on weapon technology , nuclear deals and any agreement or accord or ammunition it has to accept Pakistan’s geo-political position in the first place and as well as behave the same way.

Referring to India’s historic success in reaching out an almost identical accord with the US in the past, one has to wonder why a country already executing under such an accord can ever be so paranoid and irrational if the other two countries of the world reach a similar understanding. The reason is obvious! The chronic skepticism among Indian leadership that has caused decisive hindrances in way of peace in the region.


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