Cameron committed diplomatic gaffe

The irresponsible statement by UK Prime Minister David Cameron in which he accused elements of the Pakistani state of promoting the export of terrorism, drew severe flak in Pakistan, rendering President Zardari’s scheduled visit to UK a certain degree of uncertainty, Dunya News reported on Friday.
Cameron, however, defended his comments about Pakistan’s record on tackling terrorism. He said it was ‘important to speak frankly’ and while Pakistan had ‘made progress… we need them to do more’. Both President Zardari and PM Gilani expressed disappointment over the statement saying that such view could scuttle the war on terror in which Pakistan is playing the role of frontline state. Both the leaders denied the alleged links of ISI with Afghan Taliban. In a knee-jerk reaction, Foreign Office Spokesperson said that the mania of ‘do more’ should now be stopped as Pakistan has done a lot in this war against terror and suffered huge losses. On a visit to India, Cameron said Pakistan should know ‘that it is not right to have any relationship with groups that are promoting terror’.

Pakistan could not export terrorists: Moeed Pirzada
Talking to Dunya News, senior analyst Dr Moeed Pirzada said that even the UK dailies slammed David Cameron for his irresponsible statement regarding Pakistan. He said that Pakistan could not export the terrorists to India, UK and Afghanistan. He also added that President Zardari should postpone or cancel his UK visit.

Cameron committed diplomatic gaffe: Naseem Zehra
Talking to Dunya News, Director Current Affairs Dunya News Naseem Zehra termed the statements by the UK PM as diplomatic gaffe, which put the bilateral ties between the two states at stake. She said that taking a strong diplomatic position, Pakistan should seek apology from the UK leader. She said it seemed as if Cameron was not cognizant of his country’s foreign policy. She said that the President should not directly involve himself in the issue.

Zardari should cancel UK trip: Marvi Memon
PML-Q ‘s member Marvi Memon, while talking to Dunya News, term Cameron’s views as insult to Pakistan, and added that such dual standard would not work in bilateral ties. She also urged President Zardari to cancel his visit to England.

Zardari’s visit may help address misunderstandings: FM
Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, while talking to Dunya News, said that if President Zardari goes to UK, he would have a chance to talk to David Cameron directly, which would help clear out misunderstanding.
He said that ‘we need each other and such issues should not affect the bilateral ties’. He called upon David Cameron to realize the role Pakistan is playing in the war on terror as the whole world time and again acknowledged it.

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