Pakistan slaps down David Cameron in terror row

Pakistan expressing ‘sadness’ on the remarks of British Prime Minister David Cameron in Bangalore about Pakistan said the remarks are contrary to the facts on the ground and have been prompted by reports of Wikileaks website.
Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit in his weekly briefing pointed out that one can never draw right conclusions from such misguided reports that are based on raw intelligence.
Basit said, “It is important that we should not be creating unnecessary hype around these reports and get distracted.”
The spokesman said, “The world knows very well how Pakistan is contributing in the on-going fight against terrorism and continue doing that in its own interest and not to please any one.”
He said the mania of “do more” should now be stopped as Pakistan has done a lot in this war against terror and suffered huge losses.
The spokesman said terrorism was a global, regional and local issue, Pakistan is a close partner of the international community in this war.
He said the world fully recognises and acknowledges the sacrifices rendered by Pakistan, its security forces and civil population. The spokesman said Pakistan has done much more than any other country in combating terrorism.


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