Unconfirmed information posted by WikiLeaks website: Pakistan

Foreign Office of Pakistan on Monday rejected what it called “unsubstantiated information” posted by WikiLeaks website alleging that Pakistani intelligence services were backing Afghan militants and termed them “baseless”.
Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit said the reports were not based on facts. He said Pakistan’s role in the settlement of Afghan issue and its efforts for peace and stability there could not be denied as the citizens of Pakistan and the army have given immense sacrifices for this war. Pakistani envoy Hussain Haqqani said the documents “do not reflect the current on-ground realities”. The US, Afghanistan and Pakistan are “jointly endeavouring to defeat al Qaeda and its Taliban allies militarily and politically”, he said. Pakistan’s constructive and positive role in Afghanistan cannot be blighted by such self-serving and baseless reports, Basit added. The previously classified documents were leaked by website Wikileaks on Sunday. The documents suggest that ISI representatives meet directly with the Taliban to formulate strategies to work against Afghan and coalition forces.

Tags:Pakistan WikileaksWar in AfghanistanTaliban Julian AssangeDer Spiegel


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