Disinformation WAR on Pakistan From WESt and INDIA.

Poor Pakistani’s…..always the target of the evil propaganda of the rest of the world ( sic )

this is nothing but a false propaganda for Pakistan and defame Pakistan all over the world those who do this survey they always count Pakistan in these kind of activities but as every one accepts

Pakistani intelligence(ISI) one of the best army is among the best customs and family system still better than India which is well known for Customs around the world but they never put Pakistan name in these kind of List, this is a disinformation WAR Media War

and majority of our educated people in Pakistan believe in these kind of report as the words of Allah indeed and talk about this openly this is how we marketing porn-websites openly,this Google and internet surveys mostly done by Indians who are almost controlling the I.T and they are our worst enemies, you can easily find out many rubbish porn clips so-called Pakistani girls Pakistani couples but if you have judgment you can easily recognize them they are Indians, May Allah bless wisdom to our educated secular people and their innocent follower .



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