India-Israel nexus against Pakistan

Mohammad Jamil

Ever-increasing defence cooperation between India and Israel, and their efforts to destabilize Pakistan are a matter of serious concern for Pakistan. Both are using their influence in Afghanistan against Pakistan by helping anti-Pakistan elements to destabilize Pakistan with a view to projecting it as a state which cannot protect its strategic assets. Afghan defence minister had visited Tel Aviv in July 2009 in a bid to modernize Afghan army. Australia and Germany have already acquired armoured vehicles and UAVs from Israel for Afghanistan. The nexus between India and Israel is too well known, and international media controlled by Jews helps India to continue its vicious campaign against Pakistan. In his recent article carried by Opinion Maker titled ‘Framing Pakistan: How the pro-Israel media enables India’s surrogate warfare’ Maidhc Ó Cathail writes: “The media component of India’s alliance with Israel affords India a powerful weapon to wage surrogate warfare against Pakistan and enables both Tel Aviv and Delhi to pursue their common objective of destabilizing the nuclear-armed Muslim nation”.

Gordon Duff, senior editor of ‘Veterans Today’, revealed in a recent interview: “We have very little doubt that the Indians and the Israelis, that are all over Afghanistan with German passports pretending to be military contractors, are operating 17 camps along the Taliban regions training and arming terrorists.” He knocked the bottom of Indian pretense and expose Indian-Israeli unholy alliance against Pakistan by writing: “The Pakistani Taliban is in close cooperation with India and Israel who supply, finance, arm and train them to attack Pakistan.” Indian investment in Afghanistan is for long term gains to encircle Pakistan and to have sufficient clout over Afghan National Army when US/Coalition forces withdraw from Afghanistan. Indian leadership loses sight of the fact that it does not have borders with Afghanistan and all roads to Afghanistan lead through Islamabad. Anyhow, Indian, Israeli and even American interests converge on one point ie to denuclearize Pakistan. India had clandestine relations with Israel much before the former established formal diplomatic relations in 1992, which were kept under wraps till 2003 when the then Israeli premier Ariel Sharon visited India to formally declare clandestine defence cooperation.

In March 2008, the Indian weekly Outlook’s interview of Israel’s ambassador to India, Mark Sofer was revealing. On a question about India’s defence arrangements with Israel, Mark Sofer said “The defence relationship got a major boost during Kargil when Israel came to India’s assistance. India was then in great need and we were able to bring about a turnaround in the situation on the ground.” Last year, India and Israel had struck the biggest defence deal in which Israel provided India an air defence system for a staggering amount of $1.4 billion. According to Israel Aerospace Industries, the defence deal was signed under which Israel would develop and manufacture seaborne and shore-based systems against missile attack on India, which has meanwhile been received and installed.

The first Indian Air Force AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) platform, with the see-through capability of the IAF beyond conventional visions of ground-based and tethered electromagnetic sensors, arrived in India on 25th May 2009. “On its maiden flight from Israel to India, the veritable flying-giant with an all-pervasive electromagnetic vision landed at Jamnagar, Gujarat, and arrived at the Palam airport the following day” an Indian English daily had stated. The AWACS is an airborne mission support system fitted on Il-76 aircraft with improved engines, with radar that can help detect even a cruise missile or an aircraft at ranges far more than the ranges detected through the present ground-based radars. The AWACS radar, most sophisticated to date, can collate surface information about troop movements and missile-launches even while listening to highly confidential communications between enemy frontline units. Israeli advisors have been frequently visiting and advising Indians on how to handle militancy in Kashmir.

As stated above, India and Israel had clandestine relations much before 1992, as India did not like to annoy Muslim countries especially Arab countries and Iran because it benefited immensely from bilateral trade relations with them. India and Israel have many commonalities. At the ideological level, Hindutva is very much like Zionism, as both subscribe to the importance of the Race-State and both perpetrate atrocities on Muslims. Another common objective is that India and Israel have usurped Kashmiris and Palestinians’ lands respectively.

Israeli advisors are frequently visiting and advising Indians on how to handle militancy in Kashmir. In October 2008, Israeli Army Chief Avi Mizrahi visited New Delhi with a view to enhancing cooperation in training of Indian forces in anti-insurgency operations. Both sides discussed holding joint exercises and mulled measures to boost defence cooperation. Mizrahi had met Indian Naval Chief and the then Chiefs of Staff Committee Chairman Admiral Suresh Mehta, and also top army officers in Indian Held Kashmir.

India had appeased the US in December 1991 when its UN ambassador voted for Resolution 4686 (reversing Resolution 3379, identifying Zionism as a form of racism). There was a widespread perception that India also wanted of the US to help secure a permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council, which was hinted by US administration in 2000.But America perhaps is not in a position to make it possible because it does not enjoy sufficient clout over other countries in the world to achieve this objective.

On 9/11, the sole super power’s symbols of economic and military strength were shredded into bits. Despite bombing Iraq and Afghanistan flat, America has not been able to recoup its lost image and position. Though there is let up in violence in Iraq yet one cannot say with certainty as to what shape the events would take after American troops are withdrawn. In Afghanistan despite more than 100000 US and NATO troops and 85000 of Afghan National Army, the Taliban fighters are coming back with greater ferocity than ever before.

After General McChrystal’s diatribe and as a consequence his sacking, the morale of American, NATO and Afghan troops is at the lowest ebb. And America is seriously contemplating to withdraw but looking for a face-saving. If President Karzai succeeds in getting some assurances from the Taliban for renouncing violence and a deal is struck with regard to power-sharing, India does not stand a chance of achieving its objective of encircling Pakistan. However, Pakistan’s foreign office and Pakistani media should effectively counter Indo-Israel propaganda, and highlight the authors mentioned above that dare expose Indo-Israel’s machinations.

Our political leaders are also too busy in their politics of power and pelf, and do not realize that God forbid if any harm is caused to Pakistan, not only citizenry but the ruling elite also will suffer in equal measure. They should come out of stupor and take steps to unite the nation to meet the challenges and threats to the country. They should put their act together to make Pakistan self-reliant, and the first step in this direction is adopting austerity – not as a rhetoric but to practice it wholeheartedly.

—The writer is a senior journalist and political analyst based in Lahore.


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