Kidnapped Iranian scientist exposes US government

The Shahran offair has confirmed what some of us knew already:that the US government is a criminal enterprise with no morals,no credibility.

Senior Iranian MP said the latest episode surrounding the abduction of an Iranian nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri totally disgraced the United States of America.

MP Alaeddin Boroujerdi, head of the national security and foreign policy commission in the parliament, expressed outmost repugnance at the United States’ blatant disregard for international norms. In an interview with IRNA on Wednesday, Boroujerdi said the abduction of Amiri totally disgraced America and it’s now expected that based upon a dignified code of conduct, the United States of America shall apologize for the abduction of an Iranian citizen by taking him onto US soil against his free will.

According to Boroujerdi, this is not the first time that Americans conducted such a crime, but one among many similar cases in the past committed by American agents including kidnapping of people, which is a clear case of terrorism. The Iranian nuclear scientist was abducted in Saudi Arabia in June 2009, at gunpoint by at least three CIA agents.

Boroujerdi said, the main objective of the US was a futile attempt at hindering Iran’s successful quest of its peaceful domestic nuclear program. ‘Iran has already achieved remarkable successes in nuclear areas and the US attempt against the country were futile.’ Said Boroujerdi as it was quoted by IRNA. He said the US should try to make up for its misconducts.

Taking the majority of Americans and the rest of the international community as mere simpletons, the US had in mind to use Amiri play the role of a defected Iranian nuclear scientist who supposedly traveled to the land of freedom thus revealing secrets of Iran’s clandestine nuclear activities.



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