Eurasian Gas Pipeline Projects Pose Greatest Nightmare For Uncle Sam

For years the United States tried to prevent construction of the North Stream gas Pipeline between Russia and Germany.

All of these major gas pipeline projects pose grave geopolitical consequences for US nd its status as a globalsuperpower in the years ahead.

A major geopolitical transformation is slowly emerging as two of the world’s greatest energy holders Iran and Russia proceed with their major gas pipeline projects across Eurasia.

The first section of a large undersea pipeline between the town of Vyborg in Russia and the town of Lubmin in Germany is scheduled for completion this month. The pipeline is called North Stream and runs all the way under the Baltic Sea thus avoiding territorial waters of Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

In the past the United States government has been putting enormous pressures on successive German politicians particularly the former Gerhard Schroeder administration to refrain from joining the Russian block. But despite Washington’s strategy the second and final section of this project is due completion by next year.

Also another major pipeline called the South Stream is under study that will ultimately transfer Russian gas to southern countries of Europe from Bulgaria to Italy In Iran a new 1000 km pipeline is under construction which would supply Iranian natural gas to Pakistan and India afterwards. Washington also opposes the Peace Pipeline Project by making life too difficult for Pakistan and India, the two populous countries in great need to diversify their growing energy demands.

All of these major gas pipeline projects pose grave geopolitical consequences for US and its status as a global superpower in the years ahead. Washington is doing all it can militarily in Poland, Bulgaria, Afghanistan and Iraq to place itself in a position to influence the course of events and hopefully prevent or delay construction of those major gas pipelines.

Russia and Iran are two of the world’s largest holders of natural gas, a fuel that has recent years witnessed a dramatic rise in global demands



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