Afghan War Much Tougher Than Expected: CIA Chief

CIA chief admits that the war in Afghanistan is much tougher than anyone expected.

I think the Taliban obviously is engaged in greater violence right now. They are doing more on IED`S (improvised explosive devices). They are going after our troops. There’s no question about that: Panetta

United States slowly realizes the perils of war in Afghanistan as the CIA chief Leon Panetta finally admitted the ongoing war was much tougher than anyone had anticipated.

In a latest attack on US-led troops five NATO soldiers four of them from Norway died in Afghanistan bringing the total number of US and NATO casualties to almost 100 in the month of June. US military analysts painted rosy pictures of the situation in Afghanistan after Marjah offensive which they said was to show local Afghan support for democracy in that province.

Less than a week ago, the chief commander Stanley McChrystal who had supposedly engineered the Marjah offensive was sacked from his post by a decree from Barack Obama. Now the CIA chief admits that Obama’s much talked about troops surge initiative didn’t achieve its objectives. Panetta admitted that attacks on foreign troops is on the rise by a much bolder opponent using more IED bombings and direct targeting of coalition troops. He said, ‘we are making progress. It’s harder, it’s slower than I think anyone anticipated.’

US-led troops have been at war in Afghanistan for more than 9 years following the Sep. 11 attacks. However, the underlying reason behind this invasion was to secure a foothold close to Central Asia bordering Russia, Iran and China. The plan would give Western powers a greater leverage to securing the flow of oil and gas in the region, thus maintain and prolong their monopoly over the globe’s post World War II political and economic system.

United States interests depend on global energy transactions performed in US dollars, which would in turn keep the wheels of its economy running despite massive debt.


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