US and Israelis Step up Military Presence Close to Iranian Borders

Israeli Air Force is using Saudi Arabian airbase in Tabuk and making preparations for an attack against Iran: report says.

There have been reports of US and Israeli forces racketing up military preparations for an attack against Iran in recent days.

On Wednesday, Iran’s Fars News Agency reported that the Israeli Air Force had recently unloaded military related equipment at an airbase in Saudi Arabian town of Tabuk near Jordan. This follows a last week’s report on the passage of 12 US and Israeli warships through the Suez Canal toward the Persian Gulf.

In addition Iran’s Press TV reported US troops presence in Azerbaijan near the Iranian border. Azerbaijani news agency Trend confirmed the presence of US troops in that republic but maintained that they were involved in peacekeeping mission against armed rebels.

Following a UNSC resolution on sanctions against Iran, the United States has increased its bullying postures threatening to begin inspection of cargoes to and from Iran in international waters. Iran warned the United States that harassing of Iranian ships would not go unanswered.

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Brigadier General Mehdi Moini said the country’s forces are mobilized and ready to face American and Israeli misadventures near its borders.

United States seeks to stop Iran’s peaceful enrichment activities claiming it possess a danger to world peace while it reserves the right to retain thousands of nuclear warheads and ignores Israel’s illegal possession of such weapons.



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