Autopsy confirms fake encounter killings by Indian troops

In occupied Kashmir, the post-mortem report of two Kashmiris, who as per the claim of Indian army were killed in Pakistani troops’ firing, has revealed that they were shot from a close range. The family members of the killed persons say that they have been killed in a fake encounter by Indian troops.

On Sunday Indian army had claimed that Pakistani soldiers violated the ceasefire along the LoC in Machil sector and fired on their posts, killing two porters and injuring two army men. The killed porters were identified as Aziz Malik and Mazloom Malik from village Chuntwari in Machil.

The doctors, who conducted the post-mortem of the deceased porters, told mediamen that they were killed after being shot from close range. “Both the porters were shot from a close range,” said Block Medical Officer Kalaroos, Dr Firdous, who had brought bodies of the deceased to Kupwara hospital for autopsy. “Both the porters had received bullets on the front side of body. They had received multiple injuries and one of them was hit by a bullet in head,” he said.

The doctors said that army did not allow autopsy of the deceased. “One of our colleagues, Dr Javaid, is posted in the area. His clinic is eight kilometers from main Machil area. After the incident, he went to conduct autopsy. But the Commanding Officer of army directed him not to carry out the post-mortem. The officer also told police to bury the bodies without proper medical examination,” they added.

The autopsy report that the two were shot from a close range had strengthened the apprehension of the family members of the deceased that it was a case of fake encounter killing. It was only due to their insistence that autopsy of the two deceased was conducted.

A relative of one of the deceased, who was present at hospital, said that both the persons were killed in a fake encounter. “They had gone to fetch water for army. It is far off from the LoC. How is it possible that they would go so close to the LoC to fetch water? How is it possible that the two porters faced all the bullets while army men accompanying them sustained only light injuries?” he questioned.


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