Fight against Taliban a hoax?

Abdul Zahoor Khan

The propaganda continues unabated, there comes another report that Pakistan’s premier spy agency, the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), is still supporting the Taliban. The report, by some unknown author, was splashed across the world media. It claimed that there was no change in Pakistan’s policy towards the Taliban, even threatening that “Pakistan’s apparent involvement in a double-game of this scale could have major geopolitical implications and could even provoke U.S. countermeasures.”

Consider the following factors

First, the report totally ignores the sacrifices of the Pakistan armed forces, besides intelligence agencies, in the fight against the militants. This requires careful thought. One may ask if Pakistan is faking offensives in Swat, South Waziristan, Bajaur, Orakzai Agency and other trouble spots. Why are foreign dignitaries rushing to Swat to find out how the army eliminated the terrorists? How come Pakistan Army lost so many officers and Jawans in the fight against terror? Is it all an elaborate camera trick or giant hoax perpetrated in the Pakistan armed forces? The statistics seem to present rather stubborn facts that emphatically contradicts the author.

Second, the report seems to be a malicious attempt to create differences between the Pakistan armed forces and the tribal people, who are victims of the Taliban and support the armed forces in its endeavour. It may be an attempt to sabotage the Pakistani efforts to control the malaise of terrorism in the region.

Third, the report comes at the heels of Indo-US strategic dialogue, which recently concluded in Washington. It seems, therefore, a crude attempt to please the Indian lobby, which feels frustrated and marginalized at its diminishing role in Afghanistan.

Fourth, the report is a clear evidence of US and Nato failures in Afghanistan and a mark of frustration at the mounting casualties of Isaf troops. Because of the swelling losses, a general malaise and confusion seems to have descended upon the foreign forces operating in Afghanistan, which lack a clear well executed regional strategy.

One should realize that such reports, which are fabricated and generated while sitting on desk, keep on appearing in the Western media, especially the US, so as to put pressure on Pakistan. Looking to the future, one believes another would soon follow.

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