What India is doing against Pakistan?

By Afshain Afzal

If we come out of the Naxals issue for a while, we would be able to find out that many movements are in full swing in other Indian states. Of course, there are conspiracies by the Indian intelligence agencies to counter them. In order to bring the Jammu and Kashmir state under Indian union by the end of this decade, Indian agencies have simultaneously adopted many courses of actions. Hardly any one in Pakistan has noticed that Indian nationals, especially Muslims and Christians, are infiltrating in thousands inside Pakistani territories to take up permanent residences. The mass infiltration, in fact, started right from the partition but their number was quite less that could affect the local demography. In the last ten years alarming mass infiltration and migration from India and neighbouring states has been noticed with an aim to influence Pakistani local population. It is feared that in the coming census there would be quite a difference and new identities would come up. It has been estimated that in the last ten years over 9,400,000 people have taken up residences in Pakistan. They also include those Indian who had taken up employment in foreign countries for quite some time. A major portion of this illegal population has settled in Sind but since last three year they have started migrating in other cities including suburbs of Islamabad.

In most of the case these Indian are able to get their documents authenticated and some of them are even holders of National Data Registration Authority (NADRA) computerized identity cards. Some of the children of these Indian infiltrators have taken admission in government and private schools while some dared to enter government and semi government services. A great difficulty is being faced by the security agencies because some among the local population are unwittingly patronizing them by becoming their references. Such persons usually take the garbs of; Kashmiri refugees, emigrate from India at the time of partition and migrants from other Pakistani cities. Ijaz Khan, an Urdu speaking person is often seen in the whole sale market in Rawalpindi. His family comprising wife and three daughters is living in a colony near Pirwadhi. He owns two Taxis and claim that his brother lives near Tarnol who is a contractor. Last year, Ijaz Khan purchased a disputed Hindu property at throw away price and rented out to a Pakistani hailing from Peshawar. He has merged in the local population and claims that he is living in Rawalpindi for the last 38 years. Hundreds of Indian nationals like Ijaz Khan have purchased properties in Rawalpindi alone and claims to be Pakistani. Such people are soft spoken and help the locals in their dispute and other problems so that local people owe them. It is interesting to note that Ijaz Khan disclosed that he was paid one time Pakistani currency by his Indian master in Jammu in Indian held Jammu and Kashmir to the tune of 2.65 Lac and was instructed not to contact him back.

About 25 kilometres from Rawalpindi, Indian Bakarwal and Gujjars have established their colony. Such colonies exist at a distance of every five to ten kilometres at Road leading to Lehtarar, Bunn and Murree. It is interesting to note that they claim to be Chaudhry and have even constructed mosques and schools there. A colony that exists near Police Training Centre is being developed with aid of foreigners. Eight schools have been built for these infiltrators, one also near Manshera. Some of them have also merged in the local Changhar and Ohrr population, which have become den of crimes in every major city of Pakistan. It was reported by Hameed Ali, who claims to have visited Indian held Kashmir and even New Delhi several times on account of furnishing information to Research and Analysis Wings (RAW) and Special Branch of Borders Security Force (BSF) officials that infiltrators from India have also taken up their residences in the make shift tents in unoccupied plots in the main cities and foot of the mountains. He claims that his real uncle is Special Police Officer (SPO) in India who has been assigned to bring Kashmiri families from Pakistan for the permanent settlement in Indian held Jammu and Kashmir as well as to smuggle weapons from Pakistan. Hameed Ali disclosed that each family is paid in lacs and are also offered job but an awful thing is that Indian agencies use these Kashmiri immigrants’ male members as agents against state of Pakistan.

India has taken good use of the earthquakes and disasters in Pakistan and got its own people registered in the documents of international agencies including United Nations. Whenever such Indian nationals are asked about their identity they refer to the earthquake and claim that everything is lost. The have authenticated their Pakistani nationalities by including their names and name of their family members in official documents of agencies like Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA). It is a double edge sword set against Pakistan, which can put Pakistan in an embarrassing situation. On one hand these infiltrators would be able to purchase a lot of properties in Pakistan and pollute the minds of local population, posing themselves as Pakistanis, while on the other, Indian government would be able use them as a triumph to prove international community that Indian nationals from various states are being sponsored by Pakistan to carryout terrorist activities and that they are holed up in Pakistani territories. It is a right time for Pakistani law enforcement and other agencies to wake up and carry out probe regarding India’s great game against Pakistan. It is also the responsibility of the local population to sacrifice their worthy time and pinpoint such individual to the law enforcing authorities so that they can be taken to task and pushed back to their country of origin.


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