Launch: Pakistan Daily News Press Group – A vibrant and impartial network of journalists, bloggers and media workers

Are you a journalist, columnist, reporter, blogger, media worker, media activist working in print, electronic or social media in or related to Pakistan? Would you like to be connected to a vibrant group of media workers and activists where you have complete freedom to network with other media workers, where you can freely exchange your ideas and opinions in a reasonable manner without any fear of censorship or retribution?
If you are already a member of any such group, are you sick and tired of the biased and manipulative attitude of the mainstream media groups?

We are pleased to announce that we have created a new group “Pakistan Daily News Press Group” with an aim to provide an impartial News and content publishing to Pakistani and international journalists and media workers.

In addition to our colleagues in the traditional print and electronic media, we also encourage media activists in the cyberspace (blog, facebook, twitter etc) to join Pakistan Daily News Press Group.

One thing we can assure you of, you will have complete freedom (except hate speech and foul language) to express and exchange your ideas and opinions. We will hear your voice and let it be heard.

Dialogue, mutual respect and tolerance are three guiding principles we hold dear.

In order to join this group, send an email to:


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