Jewish vengeance, Israel vs Turkey

On Saturday, five days after Israeli commandos carried the massacre at international waters – Israeli soldiers boarded the Malaysia-funded Irish vessel MV Rachel Corrie carrying humanitarian aid for the 1.5 million beseiged Gazzah citizen and forced it to sail to Israeli port of Ashdod instead. According to Israeli military statement: “there was no violence or injuries among the soldiers or crew”. Israel is expected to expel the eleven activists and eight crew but hold the cargo to find the Iraqi WMDs found missing in Iraq after US invasion in 2003.

Israel’s top con-man, Benjamin Netanyahu, tried to use the latest incident for the ‘humane nature’ of the Israel Occupation Force (IOF) by saying: “We saw today the difference between a ship of peaceful activists, with whom we don’t agree but respect their rights to a different opinion from ours, and a ship of hate organized by violent Turkish terror extremists – waiting for our soldiers on the deck with axes and knives”. Hear a response in a video below.

Netanyahu may not remember a similar Jewish ship Exodus 1947, which left France on July 11, 1947 for the British Mandated Palestine carrying 4500 Europe’s unwanted Jews, who were not accepted by Britain or the US or Canada under pressure from World Zionist movement. The ship was stopped by the British Navy. The British commandos boarded the ship and were resisted by passengers carrying guns, axes and knives. In the fight some passengers were killed and scores of them injured. The Zionist-controlled mainstream media called incident a ”massacre at Sea” and the PR helped to gain great sympathy for the Zionist lobby groups.

However, I am sure, Netanyahu & Co. bent on applying Jewish vengeance against their perceived enemies and then crying for Jewish people being the victim – must have heard the classic Jewish joke of a Russian Jewish mother taking leave of his son who was leaving to fight those ‘Turk terrorists’ in the past.

“Dont over exert yourself. Kill a Turk and rest. Kill another Turk and rest,” advised the mother.

“But mother what if the Turk kill me while I am resting,” asked the wise son.

“You,” explained the mother, “But why? What you have done to him?”

One can understand Netanyhu’s Jewish vengeance against Turks, whose government recognized the Jewish occupation of Palestine in 1949 – but now sympathizes with both Palestinians and Iranians. Zionist regime is at loss to grasp the new world realities that a Muslim-majority (99.7%) which had supported it as the US, France, Germany and Britain still do for the last six decades – has now cultivated sympathy for Tel aviv’s enemies.

Gilad Atzmon, an Israeli-born British Jew writer and musician, in an iterview with RT said that Israel’s international terrorism comes from Zionists’ interpretation of the Jewish Bible (watch the video below).


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