The American Jihad & The Pakistani Revolution

A person who doesn’t acknowledge they are sick will never seek treatment. To cure any illness, the presence of sickness must first be acknowledged by the sufferer. Next comes the diagnosis by an expert doctor who will suggest a treatment. For serious diseases the treatment might mean life threatening surgery with little chance of survival. Expert medical diagnosis suggests that Pakistan is currently plagued with a mixture of many types of cancers and aids.

The cancers resulted from internal rotting cells in pretty much every vital organ that have been left unchecked for over 60 years and the aids resulted in more recent times from the ongoing unholy communion with unclean partners. A patient suffering from many types of cancers and aids at the same time will surely die short of a miracle. The doctors are helpless, the patient might live one month or a year at most but the end is imminent in our expert medical opinion. Only prayers can help this patient now.

Freedom is a relative term. An inmate sitting inside a jail cell can say he’s a free man, but an onlooker might differ. Let’s stop celebrating freedom like that naive convict. Pakistan is a Jail. The inmates have no value as they aren’t dignified human beings, but rather unfit for normal society. The inmates have essentially given up their rights to this prison system without a fair trial, in fact most of them assume they are free because the walls of the jail cells are painted with sceneries of meadows and mountains. The sentence was announced in 1947, saza-e-ba-mushakat and this sentence is being served since. If you differ with my Jail analogy then just try leaving the airport for a foreign country using a Pakistani Passport and you’ll see what I mean by Jail. A jail is a place that people will go to any lengths to escape. Pakistan is not the only jail in the world, but it is the one that is reserved for the worst of all criminals, a high security prison and everyone is looking for that ever elusive parole i.e. ‘green card’ and hates the extremists for dashing their hopes of escape, especially now after the Parole board rules have been revised due to some inmates creating a ‘bad image’ for this particular Jail.

America’s war on terror is no doubt an ideological war. People don’t fight against ideologies. Only opposing ideologies fight and common ideologies support each other. Should we call the American war a Crusade or a Jihad? I would call it a Jihad as compared to a crusade. It cannot be a crusade for the simple reason that this war is not in any way being fought for authority of the church or in any way linked to promoting christianity. If it does not qualify as a crusade then does it qualify as a Jihad? Well funnily enough in the classic definition Jihad comes from the exact same root words as the word “jid-o-jehad” which means to struggle and strive against evil. If America’s claims of fighting against terrorism are to be taken at face value then yes, America indeed is waging a Jihad. Furthermore if we accept the fact that suicide bombing is unislamic then it means that the Americans are fighting an enemy that has essentially denied Islam and descended into barbarity against the Ummah. In this light it would be incumbent upon any muslim to support the Americans in their Jihad against the forces of Evil.

In this ideological jihad, the state is struggling with its own ideology. Even if as I believe Pakistan was created for a british agenda as compared to the romantic notion of it being a prize of muslim struggle, one must not forget the best of all the planners, for surely even the devil is a mere slave carrying out the plans of the Almighty. In my mind Pakistan is like Rocky, In that movie Sylvester Stallone is a washed out small time boxer who never had his chance and then someone gives him a chance just as a publicity stunt, but Rocky takes this chance seriously and ends up standing upto the champion and giving him the fight of his life, lasting the full rounds against the undefeated world champion, thereby proving to himself and the world that he is not just another bum on the street. This is Pakistan, it got its chance in 1947 and no one thought it could succeed, but this Rocky might surprise you.

Whatever reason Pakistan was created for and whatever reasons the US is fighting and whomever the US is fighting are irrelevant. It also doesn’t matter who is friend or foe here. It seems yet again that appearance and reality are exactly opposite. I would like to suggest the idea that Pakistan is not facing a war situation but rather it is currently undergoing a massive revolution. Forget what the newspapers or Televisions say, they are working for the devil of the status quo. Pakistan might currently be the abode of the devil but this abode was built by God. This is similar to the analogy of the Kaaba which Abraham (pbuh) built for the worship of Allah but then later it was subverted into a place of idol worship. This did not in any way reduce the sacredness of the Kaaba and so even when the idols were present it was still sacred ground and once the idols were removed it was still the same kaaba but devoid of fitna. The same example applies to Pakistan. Yes it may have been created by the british to reward their loyal dogs, so what? Yes people are worshipping idols here, so what? The fact is that the US might be fighting their own battle but this war will not end without the demise of the devil and that is the main reason whether the US knows it or not, it is waging a Jihad and curing Pakistan of its diseases, even though its intention is most likely the opposite, this war might turn out to be the miracle treatment the patient so desperately needs.

The devil is a hidden whisperer urging men to commit grave sins against other humans. Those shouting anti-American slogans must realise that the devil is indeed residing in Pakistan right now but it is not America. In fact this devil had been residing in Pakistan even before the creation of the Nation. This devil has always kept a loyal band of satanic followers that have always implemented the devil’s agenda, mostly in the name of God, such is satan’s deception. Now Pakistan is a Munafiq state in Islamic terms. A state that claims to be made for Islam is now the very state fighting Islam. This is the devil in Pakistan, it is also commonly referred to as the status quo. The status quo is the devil that no common pakistani has the ability to stand up to. This devil will use all its resources and cunning to retain its stranglehold. This devil follows no religion and worships no one besides itself. This is not the devil that America is fighting but it is the devil that will die after the war is over, inshaAllah, this might require life threatening surgery which might indeed result in loss of limbs as many fear, but the pain is becoming so unbearable that the common man will cry out and cut off the cancers plaguing him, not in the well engineered superficial lawyers or lal masjid propaganda campaigns but in a manner that defies all beliefs, a revolution the likes of which the world has never seen and it is specifically this revolution which the dajjal is unable to see with his one eye, fighting his fake ideological war to preserve the devil of the status quo aided fully by the cancers that plague the society. It is this humble scribe’s hope and belief that this current war will result in a real revolution of the masses. A revolution that will turn a munafiq state into a momin state overnight. I sincerely believe that Pakistan cannot fragment but rather it will rise up in a defying act, cured of both cancer and aids, but this will only happen once the treatment is complete, even if this treatment could result in loss of limbs, there is a minute hope for total recovery and any risk is worth it. There are many days of heavy surgery ahead, but this patient has the strength to undergo all these operations without anastesia, so we should not delude ourselves by believing fairy tales from the media, rather we must look inside our souls and contemplate and create the real Pakistan, our dream Pakistan, not this imposter dajjal parading as our beloved Pakistan, the Pakistan who’s independence struggle did not end but rather began on 14th August 1947.

K. Hamdi Khan


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