Pakistanis Detained In Israel Likely To Reach Home Today

Three Pakistanis, detained by Israel after attack on aid flotilla, have been deported to Jordan by the Israeli authorities, and according to the latest updates they have reached Jordan.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik informed that the detained Pakistanis would reach Pakistan today.

Malik said that the three Pakistani’s have been handed over to Jordanian ambassador to Israel. He added that special arrangements have been made to bring back prominent journalist Talat Hussain and his two companions.

It is pertinent to mention that the three Pakistani’s were held in captivity after Israeli forces stormed Gaza-bound aid flotilla.

Talat Hussain & Producer Raza Agha Senior Journalist (Pakistan) missing’ Talat Hussain is married to Tehmina Talat and has 2 kids, a boy Shamil and a girl Afza. He lives in Islamabad. A team of AAJ News, a Pakistani news channel, lead by Executive Director News and Current Affairs Talat Hussain, was on board one of the six ships of the Freedom Fotilla. No contact has been established with any of the journalists.

The Aid Flotilla has been attacked in International Waters in clear violation of all UN rules. The whole world has condemned it but Israel has rarely listened to such international condemnations.

The reports came just after daybreak, with the vessel still well away from the Gaza shore. Israel had earlier declared it would not allow the ships to reach Gaza.


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