Why Blame Game against ISI Continues?

By Sajjad Shaukat

Despite the successful military operations by Pakistan’s armed forces and the arrest of renowned commanders of the Taliban which became possible due to our country’s intelligence agencies, India and Afghanistan including particularly the US continues blame game against Pakistan intelligence agency, ISI.

In this connection, on May 16, 2010, while quoting Indian intelligence agencies, Indian Express allegedly reported, “Nearly three months after the attack on Indians in Kabul, Afghan Security agencies have traced back recent anti-India operations in Afghanistan to an ISI outfit located inside a military cantonment in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan…this was a detailed dossier on ISI activities across Afghanistan…specifically dealt with Pakistani efforts to target Indian assets in Afghanistan which included the Indian embassy, its consulates across that country, Indian companies and their projects.”

On May 24, 2010, The Long War Journal, while quoting US military intelligence officials wrote, “The Pakistan-based Haqqani Network carried out suicide attack in Kabul on May 18 that killed a Canadian colonel, two lieutenant colonels, two US soldiers, and twelve Afghan civilians.” The Journal further elaborated, “It the attack was hatched across the border in Pakistan…the US officials disclosed the information after a briefing by the spokesman for the National Directorate of Security, Afghanistan’s top intelligence service, Saeed Ansari who claimed that the attack was organized in Pakistan with the help of ISI.” On the same date, The New York Times also reported same allegation in one or the other way.

These are not new blames against ISI, but are part of a continued campaign against the agency which is the first defence line in thwarting the foreign plot against Pakistan. In 2009, The New York Times and Washington Post had disclosed in a series of allegations regarding presumed ties between our country’s intelligence service and militants of Pakhtunkhwa�aiding Afghan Taliban and in bombing of Indian embassy in Kabul. In that regard, New Delhi had said that ISI must be destroyed. However, all these accusations cannot be seen in isolation, they are linked with all the related-developments which themselves are part of a conspiracy against Pakistan.

It is mentionable that BBC, on October 7, last year displayed a documentary movie regarding the eighth anniversary of the US-led NATO invasion of Afghanistan. It stated that now this war is being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, and “it will soon spread in Pakistan.”

Pakistan’s image had been improved in the eyes of the western public owing to successful military action against the Taliban insurgents, while India faced a diplomatic defeat as it had failed in isolating Pakistan under the pretext of the November 26 terror-attacks of Mumbai. Due to these reasons, Indo-Israeli lobbies in America and Europe have become active against Islamabad with the support of their western partners. It is because of the influence of these lobbies and combined interests of Washington, New Delhi and Tel Aviv against Pakistan that India, Afghanistan and some American officials including their media have again started a blame game against Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI, while giving strong signals to widen the course of drone strikes in Balochistan. They are also misperceiving that Al Qaeda’s top leaders including Mullah Omer has taken shelter in Balochistan.

In this regard, America has been playing a double game with Islamabad, sometimes by cajoling it with economic and military aid, and sometimes by accusing it of supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan. It is most surprising to note that Pakistan’s armed forces and ISI have broken the backbone of the Taliban militants in their own country�as to how it is possible that they are sending militants in Afghanistan for backing the Taliban.

So far as this the explosion in Kabul, attack on the Indians and its embassy is concerned, it is also notable that sometimes people form their opinion in haste as stereotypes guide them. Logical approach requires that we should not conclude it through single factor determinism. A number of factors are involved in world politics, especially when a conspiracy is being prepared. Although Afghanistan has witnessed a number of suicide attacks in the recent weeks, yet these events are part of the collective plot against Pakistan which is the only nuclear country in the Islamic world, and the US-backed Indo-Israeli nexus whose secret agents have well-established themselves in Afghanistan are determined to destablise Pakistan under one or the other pretext. Question arises in the mind of people as to how these foreign enemies can arrange bomb blasts, ambush attacks and killing of the Indians in collusion with the secret agencies of their countries. The reply is quite clear, which can better be understood by students of international relations.

In this respect, renowned political scholars like Machiavelli and Morgenthau remark that in international politics, sometimes leaders and rulers have to choose between the lesser evil and the greater evil. And in these circumstances, deceit and fraud become the principles of international morality.

However, judging in these terms a “nuclearised Pakistan” is considered a greater evil by the US-led Israel and India which possess thousands of atomic weapons. US which wants to make India a regional super power of Asia in order to counterbalance peace-loving China takes Pakistan an obstacle in its covert strategic designs.

Nevertheless, by acting upon a plot to weaken Pakistan�US-led some countries wants to fulfill a number of aims. In this context, frustrated in their misadventure in Afghanistan where defeatism has even been admitted by the American NATO commander, American President Obama has been seriously thinking to withdraw American troops according to the announced schedule.

In fact, US-led India, Afghanistan and Israel have accelerated their covert strategic game by manipulating Pakistan’s grave crises which they have themselves created through their secret agencies, CIA, RAW, Khad and Mossad.

As regards India, it has become fashion to blame ISI for every mishap to conceal her own secret operations against Pakistan. In this connection, more than 12 crude bombs were exploded in the across Ahmedabad one day after the blasts of Bangalore. Although some Indian leaders accused Pakistan’s ISI as usual, yet reality behind the bombing was disclosed by Sushma Swaraj, a leader of the main opposition Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP). While indicating the horsetrading by the Manmohan-led ruling party, she pointed out that the blasts in two BJP-ruled states could be the handiwork of a central agency like RAW in order to distract attention from “cash for vote scam”, used to get vote of confidence for the P.M.

Regarding the perennial blame game against ISI, some other developments also verify that the same is the part of a conspiracy against Pakistan. The fact of the matter is that the failed attempt at the Times Square was a plot against Pakistan. In this connection, agents of the Indian secret agency RAW and those of the Israeli Mossad who are well-penetrated in the American CIA have prepared that plot in order to achieve a number of designs against Islamabad. If we go through the reports of Indian media, Reuters and other western news agencies, we can witness regarding the foiled Times Square attempt that it was a trick to keep Pakistan under pressure and push it to go after the Haqqani network in North Waziristan. While ISPR spokesman Major-General Athar Abbas had stated that Pakistan’s military is engaged in eliminating militancy in other tribal areas in accordance with its programme and military operation in North Waziristan has not yet been decided.

Nonetheless, Times Square episode could be part of a conspiracy to tarnish the image of Pakistan which it has earned by decimating the terrorists’ infrastructure and strongholds. It looks to be an artifice to de-track the Obama Administration which has been releasing economic and military aid for Islamabad.

Besides, in the recent past, Pakistan gained much success through the London Conference and the Pak-US strategic dialogue which frustrated Indians. In this context, New Delhi left no stone unturned in maligning Islamabad through RAW-planned terrorist events in Afghanistan. Moreover, the second round of the Pak-US strategic dialogue will take place in the near future. Therefore, particularly India has accelerated its blame game against ISI.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations. Email: sajjad_logic@yahoo.com


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